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Jesse True


Hello! My name is Jesse True and I'm the owner of Truth Allure Video Productions. I've been a native to Nashville, TN my whole life and have a background in audio engineering, graphic design, and photography. My passion for filming was realized when I found out I could combine all three elements into one. My skills as a videographer and editor have grown over the years by working with award-winning directors and editors, musicians, audio engineers, graphic designers and many wonderful wedding couples. I recently married the love of my life, Noel (yes, like christmas), and have formed a wedding videography team with her! We love traveling and adventures, watching new movies and hanging out with our sweet puppy Nova. 

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Noel True

Assistant Videographer/Web Design

Hey! My name is Noel True. I'm the right-hand woman to that handsome fella over there! Although I was born here in Nashville, Tennessee, I've lived in multiple different states like California and Michigan. I love traveling to new places and want to visit every continent on the planet (especially Hawaii, Europe and Australia). Jesse has trained me over the last few years to assist him in filming all of his creative endeavors. I am also his creative advisor when it comes to making things look pretty! I have a background in music as well, but am currently in nursing school pursuing my dreams of becoming a Nurse Midwife. I'm a proud parent of a 7 month old fur-baby, and love her to death.