Videographers and Editors specializing in Wedding Films, Event Documentaries and Music Video Production.

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Professional Audio

Truth Allure Video Productions has a team with experience working in the field of audio engineering. You can rest assured knowing that every sweet exchange will be recorded for all to hear. No matter the situation, Truth Allure Video Productions guarantees clean audio for every project.

aerial videography

Technology has advanced to an amazing new level in the last few years. Drone videography puts an amazing new outlook on what we are capable of capturing by flying hundreds of feet into the air! This puts our big world into a macro perspective. Contact us to see what services we offer with our FAA registered drones below!

high-definition cameras

Canon cameras have been a long-time leader in the photography and film industry. This is because of their ability to capture breathtaking imagery! Truth Allure Video Productions puts it full trust behind Canon in delivering the most high-quality video coverage possible.