Becoming a successful musician isn't easy. Needless to say, the more you practice, the better you become. The same goes with having video content. The more you have, the more recognizable you become to your audience!

Not only is a music video a great way to personally connect with your fans, it's also the perfect package to send off to a venue manager looking for new musicians to play at their event space! Being able to watch a video will let them hear your style and know your stage presence.

Truth Allure Video Productions is local to Music City with experience in audio engineering, sound design, and sound mixing. Combine that experience with the ability to integrate with 3 forms of media; music, photography, and graphic design, and you will have a video people will want to watch and listen to over and over.

Let's grab a drink and start bringing your vision to the screen!



I worked with Jesse on my first music video. He created such a beautiful finished product, that many other musicians have asked me for his information after watching it. He created a video that is more artistic, true to me, and true to the song than I could have imagined. He’s also hilarious and a breeze to work with.
— Charlotte Berg
I absolutely loved working with Jesse on my drum cover! He did everything in excellence and delivered above and beyond all my expectations. I will definitely work with him again in the future, hopefully sooner than later!
— Austin Ware