Start bringing in some new customers by creating an ad for your business! By filling out our short questionnaire, we can help you craft an ad that will be suit your business and it's needs! Video is one of the best ways to quickly show a product, experience, or relationship that someone can have when they come to you as a business professional! Need help with reaching your audience? Ask us about Facebook Ads and how we can help you position them in conjunction with the videos we deliver! What next? Sit back and let the customers come your way.



Help your business gain a following by allowing us to create a perfect video that explains exactly what your business does. This will help to educate your audience and bring in the type of clients that you want to work with! Whether or not you want to demonstrate your daily workflow with film or animations, we can help craft a great image to represent your brand in the most professional way possible.



We have a background working in fast-paced environments, which is why we love filming events. No matter the size, we're sure to deliver a top-quality product that you can use to help bring awareness to your annual event for future attendees. We also offer SAME DAY EDITS, so you can play the footage captured at your event, during the event! This adds a huge production value to your event, and will make all of the attendees excited to be a part of it when they see themselves on the big screen!



We love telling stories about what matters to you. More so, we understand that you need to tell those stories in a way that sparks interest to it's viewers. This is why we take pride in filming documentaries. Not only do documentaries explain the "behind-the-scenes", but they also create a personal connection with whoever is watching by showing them that you're NOT just some big company! Instead, your a group of individuals that care about it's customers and clients! 



Music runs in our blood. Which is why filming music videos is one of our favorite endeavors as filmmakers. We love getting to sit down with artists, talk one-on-one about ideas they have in mind, and come together to create something breathtaking. From fog and lights, to cozy recording studios, we can make sure that your awesome song has some great visuals to go with it.



did you know that short films can actually be positioned as a business promotional video? The difference is, that short films connect more with your targeted audience, while a promotional video directly shows your product or service. A short film directed from start to finish (like the one featured here) can be a great way to connect with your audience, create greater social media shares and share your core values all in one go.



When you get down to the core of what people connect with, it's your personality. That's why adding in a fun little "extra" to your video can really boost engagement! Check out this short example of an up-and-coming band that decided a little flare at the end would be fun. It resulted in higher engagement views since the surprise was at the end of the video. This is why editing composition is so important. 



Getting yourself recognized can be difficult in todays market. You need to stand out. Video happens to be the perfect combination of photography, audio engineering and graphic design. Video is also the number one form of information your audience can digest quickly in order to understand you product, service or personality. Grow your audience by created a promo with Truth Allure today!


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